And the 2013 Don “Doc” Fellows Winner is…

Congratulations to Greg Cornelius on his victory in this year’s Don “Doc” Fellows regatta.

Note this is Greg’s third Don “Doc” win!

Race day detail and conditions previously reported by VC Mr. “T”

We were very lucky to have this years regatta filmed by Boston TV station. Check out our own newest TV stars. The feature should air January 12 and 13. Boston Channel 4 WBZ at 11:35 p.m. and Sunday on WSBK Channel my38 at 10:00 a.m. Video will be on about a week after the air date.

Check out the great pictures taken by Willy Clark.

Side note If anyone has info on historic Doc Fellow info please let me know. Especially early regatta pictures and race results and other relevant info for the archives. Now’s the time to digitally scan and put online all that paper you have been saving. Please reach out to me John Stanton at Historic Info

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