And now for the thrilling conclusion to the first big DN road trip of the year:Oliver and Eric and I stuck around after the regatta and sailed Houghton Lake on Monday along with a group of local DN-ers. I guess we had between 8-10 boats total.We also had clearer ice and big breeze! We sailed about 6 two-lap scratch races which were good for rig experimentation, thrills and chills and a few moments of sheer terror. I had one top-mark rounding that had me pressed a lot more solidly than usual into the cockpit- how the hell do you explain that feeling to a soft-water sailor?

It was awesome.

At about 2PM we all decided that it was time to quit while we were ahead and hit the highway. The three of us stopped at a nice local place made with faux-log exterior and a stuffed elk head next to a stuffed sailfish on the wall. On the menu was a 1/2 pound hamburger patty, served plain on a plate. Gotta love it! I opted for the burger instead.

Paid the tab and down the road we went- at around 11:30 we stopped for gas in what I think was Phillipsburg, PA. The guy (Mike) working the night shift at the truck stop sent us to Aunt Mary’s Place for a midnight New Year’s celebration.

You can always tell a bar is a classy place when the dumpster is right next to the front door and the window AC unit is right over the dumpster. And it is surrounded by a re-bar cage. And when you get closer to the front door you see a sign that proudly proclaims ‘WE STILL PERMIT SMOKING INSIDE”. How were we not going to go in? See the photos….

One quick beer while watching the ball fall on the TV and soaking up the local color and we got the hell out of there. Spent the night back in the van rolling east. And positively reeking of tobacco. Great way to ring in the New Year!

Daylight saw us safe and sound back in RI. And feeling and looking maybe a little worse for wear (see photo) but completely jazzed over a great four days of sailing!

Worth it? You bet!

Stay tuned, the Doc Fellows is scheduled for this weekend….

Think Ice!

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840


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  1. Harry

    Great account! Especially the bar ecosystem that supports elk and sailfish!

    01/02/2013 at 10:58 am