Now yesterday was a good day of sailing-Forecast called for a bit more breeze, from the west rather than north. The powers that be called it correctly and out we went in the breeze and the flurries-

Three races sailed in each fleet- ice was covered with a dusting of snow and the drifts were slight but worth steering around if you didn’t have to wiggle the tiller too much- once fully warped-up you could just ignore them and keep the boat blasting along in a straight line. When other boats went through them very cool-looking dust clouds went up behind- fascinating to see the pattern of disturbed air behind each boats mainsail and also where that disturbed air was pointed….

Eric Anderson is using a back-up plank that is way too stiff and he struggled mightily with it all day- Yours truly eased sidestays a little, cranked the headstay on a little, and dropped the halyard a little, and with boom in lap had a good afternoon with a 10, 3, 1. Holy hell was that exciting! Oliver Moore had an excellent day with a 4,5,3 and was in the lead in the final race for a minute or two….

Oliver has a resume’ full of A and C-class catamaran sailing and is off to a good start in the DN class thanks to getting set up with proven gear and proven tuning settings. He owes a huge debt of gratitude to Chad Atkins for getting him started on the right foot. And to me and the rest of the NE gang for all the tips and pointers! Really Oliver, you’re welcome. Don’t mention it. Feel free to pick up the tab for dinner sometime….

So we end the weekend with 7 races in the books- Great sailing, great people, great class. As always, some awesome mental snapshots and more lessons learned….. Somewhere on the site is a link to the full results.  Added by web editor http://iceboatracing.com/2012centrals.pdf

We missed the award ceremony at the hotel restaurant (Eric and Oliver were out sailiing and testing gear and I was out cold in the hotel room) but the tail end of it was fun enough!

Still in MI, going to do some scratch racing today as long as we’re here and hit the road this afternoon.

Thanks as always to the MI and OH gang for running a great regatta!

Stand by for more regattas, more adventures and more reporting-

Think Ice!

T. Thieler DN US 5224

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840


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