2012 Tune Up Recap

This year’s sixth annual NEIYA Tune Up was another huge success. Thanks once again to Steve Lamb and his wife for opening up the shop and feeding the hungry hordes of ice boaters.

Runners were aligned to perfection. Current and past commodores Anderson and Whitcomb did yeoman’s work with the big belt sander turning tired dull runners into ice cleaving blades.

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Photo credits Jeff Soderholm

Stories were swapped with ease without having to shout through helmets and face masks. New members young and old were welcomed into the fold. James, thanks for recruiting the next generation of NEIYA sailors.

Everyone is looking forward to a great season of ice and coming back for a seventh time next year.

There may have been runners that did not get sharpened due to lack of time or members not being there. Please leave a comment below if you need help with dull blades or can help someone sharpen theirs.

See you on the ice!


P.S. While we were preparing for, talking about and dreaming of ice,  members of the Chickawaulkee Ice Boat Club of Maine were living it on Plymouth Pond.

P.P.S. If you have not paid your 2013 dues now is the time. Do it online. NEIYA 2013 Dues.

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