2012 Annual Meeting Recap – Swap

The annual Swap meet was a huge success with a new venue and an earlier opening.  Leaving lots of time to kick runners, buy stuff and catch up with old friends.

The Swap featured the latest boats and gear from Jeff Kent and Steve Duhamel as well as some great cast offs from T,  Chad Atkins and others.

Boats ranged from race ready, to recreational in sail away condition and my show favorite a well used over built green heavy weight DN ready for the winds from Sandy.

Photo credits Jeff Soderholm

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Check back soon for pictures and recap of the Lunch and Meeting portion of The Annual.
John Stanton
Web Ice Master

P.S. Sorry for the delay.  Seems that our other annual event is weather after the meeting.  At least all I saw this year was out of state power company trucks coming east on the Mass Pike and 84.

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