NEIYA Preseason Check List

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As everyone knows it’s that time of year again. We are in week seven of the NFL schedule. The days are getting shorter. Had our first frost. Many of us are wondering what to do with that pile of green tomatoes. You have removed the golf clubs, fishing gear and summer sailing gear from your trunk. This means, only one thing, its time for our winter passion, ice boating.

Over the years I have forgotten many things on the way to the ice. Probably the most amusing was showing up at Watuppa Pond ready for the Bean Pot only to discover that I had forgotten my coat. Thanks to a spare Eben had in his car I was able to get on the ice. Since than, I have been a compulsive check list keeper. It has helped my foggy pre-dawn brain get all the gear to the ice. Yes, I still forget stuff but nothing that keeps me off the ice.

Below is my preseason check list. Item number four is done! Items one, two and three will be done this Saturday.

I would like everyone to encourage everyone to sign up on-line for the upcoming season (Item numbers four or five) today. NEIYA online signup. We would prefer you register online for the upcoming season. Once you fill out the form there is an option to pay online with a credit card or PayPal, if you have an account, as well as instructions for mailing payment.

Checklist for 2012 – 2013 Ice Boat Preseason

1) Set up the boat(s) in back yard or driveway.

2) Sort through items old gear for unneeded/unwanted items. They might be old to you but perfect for someone starting out, upgrading or with more space to to store stuff. Post items for sale at swap meet or pickup on Items that will be at the swap meet are being given home page (right side) precedence.

3) Figure out what you need for upcoming season. Maintenance, repair and new equipment needs etc. Check NEIYA Classifieds for available stuff. Remember, Swap meet items are on the right side of the homepage.

4) Sign up for NEIYA Meeting and swap meet on Saturday October 27th. Pay for lunch and dues online Now!

5) If you can’t make the Meeting sign up for 2013 NEIYA membership online NOW.

6) Attend Steve Lamb’s preseason Tune up for hands on sharpening, tuning and ice boat story telling. Date to be announced by the annual meeting.

Looking forward to a great 2012-13 season. See you all at the meeting, Tune up or on the ice

Think Ice!

John Stanton
Ice Web Communications

P.S. Let’s hope we don’t have another October blizzard. Last year’s drive home (West bound Mass Pike).

P.P.S. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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