And than there was Maine…

It’s been a challenging season. Many of us have had the least ice days ever. There was no sailing that I know of in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I waited on Bantam, my home ice, to come through but despite no snow there was only enough cold for the scattered ice fisherman. No sailing this year. Plenty of clean ice was to be had on Sunapee and Lake Champlain’s Mallets Bay.

I will hold off on the season recap till it is finally done, done and done as it is not…

For those who have not been following the goings on in Maine, I suggest you check in on the fine reporting from the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club. Where else would you learn that high heels make excellent ice creeping shoes?

In coastal Maine the snow came, the snow went and left some fine sailing this past week. Which brings us this weekend. Damariscotta Lake is open for sailing! Open for cruisers as well as the Maine State DN championship. Expect spring ice conditions so get set up and sail early.

Let the chips fly…

Ice Web Guy

P.S. Be sure to check the NEIYA hotline (508) 481-1011, and and even Facebook and Twitter #neiyaweb for weekend updates and details.

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