DN NA Update

If you’ve been following these reports you know it was honkin’ this AM. The comittee did a great job of delaying until the breeze faded out just enough to race this afternoon- All of the sudden it went from hurry-up-and-wait to GET ON THE LINE!! Three Gold and three silver races before the sun got low…. Not bad! Committee did a great job banging them out.

Wild and woolly!! Fast ice and plenty of breeze saw fast boat speeds and a few spinouts and a few broken rigs- And a lot of grins and whootin’ and hollerin’! It was a day for your flattest sail and your heaviest runners… For the North Sail gang that means the MS-1 and 1/4″ inserts.

New England is being represented well- Eben Whitcomb and Oliver Moore sailed their way into the Gold Fleet. Eben insists that we treat him better now but the hazing has yet to begin. As for Oliver we treat him like dirt all the time so no change there.

Chad has had some good races, including a 5th in the last one that has him all fired up. He has definitely found a setup that is working for him- Yours truly has an 8, 6, 4. And I’m psyched about it! I think Ron Sherry is in the lead and Matt Struble and John Dennis are hot on his heels.

Today was the kind of sailing day that keeps you coming back for more of this nutty-ness. Amazing. If you’re home reading this you’re missing a good one!

Will see what happens tomorrow, snow in the forecast but with three races done this regatta is in the books. Time to stone runners and get cleaned up- Stay tuned…

PS Sorry the pics aren’t better- I shot them with my phone.

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840


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