The New England Championships is ON for this weekend

The New England Championships is ON for this weekend

Load up the car, it is time to race!

Location Mallets Bay VT Date: January 21-22 2012

Updated directions to the launch will be posted by tomorrow evening. We are considering 2 launch sites.

Registration opens at 10 Am at the Launch site

Start Time: 11 AM if conditions warrant.

A minimum of 3 races must be completed to be an official regatta. If 5 races are completed, competitors can discard their worst score. There is no Maximum number of races.

Last race will start no later than 30 min before sundown. (4:30 PM Eastern Standard time).

This is a NEIYA event and all competitors must be NEIYA members. (Membership forms available on site, dues = 20$) No Dues, no racing. Period.

Parking brakes required.

Competitors must have liability insurance coverage of 300,000$ (usually a homeowners or renters policy), and sign a waiver prior to racing.

**** Note: The conditions for this event are likely to be good. Currently there is a large sailable area(outer Mallets Bay) hard clear black ice a bit rumbly in spots no snow on it presently up to ½” expected between now and Sat

Forecast for Sat is a high of 21° F with winds 4-7 Saturday and more breeze Sunday

I will try to update directions to the launch this evening

Commodore NEIYA

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