2012 Don “Doc” Fellows Regatta

The 2012 Don “Doc” Fellows Regatta was sailed Sunday, January 8 on Missisquoi Bay on Lake Champlain, just south of the Canadian border.

Saturday was a wash due to light winds, drizzle, and a very unfriendly game warden who threw us out of the parking lot at the launch site. We plan on complaining to the mayor, governor, and maybe even the President. He was by all accounts a real gem.

The issue was resolved within an hour as Paul Gervias, who must be the most connected-guy in Vermont found us a launch site on the other side of the bridge- thanks and well done Paul! Dinner was in St. Albans at the Federal One restaurant- great to get the gang together and get caught up over some good food.

Sunday was the day- medium breeze with some good puffs and snow-covered ice, plus a bit of snow coming down made the day interesting for everybody and provided some great racing. Snow plates and medium-draft sails seemed to be the weaponry of choice.

Eric Anderson was going well enough with his hot-out-of-the-autoclave CSI rig to take 4th, Steve Madden put in a solid 3rd with decade-old mast and sails, Chad Atkins had a consistent day with his new CSI rig and almost new boat to take second, and “T” Thieler had a few things go his way to take 1st. Complete results are on the way- stay tuned….

Thanks to all who helped get this one in the books- Eric Anderson, Paul Gervais, Bob Schumacher, Kate Morrone (volunteered to score Saturday), Andy Sajor (scored Sunday), and everyone who set and moved marks. And, of course, everyone who showed up and raced!

New England Champs on the schedule for January 14 and 15- clear you calendars and prep your boats! See ya’ll there-

Think Ice!
James “T” Thieler
NEIYA Regatta Chairman

2 responses

  1. eric anderson

    Basically we encountered a fish and game officer that was in a bad mood. I don’t think we did any thing wrong or were behaving inappropriately. He took the attitude that anything the rules did not explicitly allow at a launch was prohibited and that we did not qualify as boats. The local sailors will pursue the matter a bit farther up the food chain then the officer, and get it clarified. It is a gray area and we don’t want to jeopardize the access by being aggressive.

    Eric Anderson

    01/10/2012 at 7:59 am

  2. Dan O'Hara

    As a frequent user of boat launches for purposes other than hunting and fishing I am wondering what the game warden’s rationale for throwing you out of the launch site was?

    01/09/2012 at 1:10 pm