Results, DN Eastern Regional Championship


After too many postponements to count the DN Eastern Regional Championships were finally held on Squam Lake near Center Harbor, NH.

The date was Sunday, March 13.  The wind was up and down, temps were warm and the ice was soft and slushy;  Angle runners were the weapon of choice for the day although a few sailors were able to go fairly well with thin insert runners.  One skipper performed an interesting experiment by starting race 1 with his parking brake on but quickly decided this was not going to work out well.  Nonetheless he got a 2nd in that one.  Interesting sailing and it’s a shame this regatta was so lightly attended.

Only three races were held as the wind was fading and the ice was softening rapidly-  we marked a few drain holes off the course but noticed a few on the course as well and to err on the side of caution we called racing off once this stubborn regatta was in the books.

Thanks to Eben Whitcomb, Randy Rice, everybody who found the ice and hosted us up in NH, and the hearty souls that showed up and raced.

1)  James “T” Thieler       US 5224      1,1,1      3.0
2)  Chad Atkins              US 4887       2,1,1.5   4.5
3)  Eric Anderson           US 5193       3,2,2      7.0
4)  Dave Fortier              US 4690       4,3,4     11.0
5)  Oliver Moore              US 5469      5,4,3     12.0
6)  Eben Whitcomb        US 4775      5,5,5      15.0

Can we squeeze in one or two more this season?  Stay tuned…

James “T” Thieler
DN US 5224
Newport, RI

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