DN New England Champs Report – So Close…

Robbed from Yahoo Iceboats group but im sure that T will understand.

…and yet so far!

Sebago Lake was the place- ice was rough but not too bad, the skies were clear
and the wind was HOWLING on Saturday morning. Snow blowing everywhere, the snow
equivalent of dirt devils all over the lake.

Most sailors didn’t even bother to unload their boats but a few brave souls
ventured out to see what was happening in the main part of the lake- no
surprise when the report was that it was even windier further out from the
launch area.

One DN did bump a ridge and sustained some minor damage. Sailor was OK, boat
was fixed at Dave Fortier’s shop and flophouse.

Racing was not even considered for the day.

Sunday the forecast was for more moderate winds and 13 DN’s went out to the
starting line to find out that the forecast was WRONG!!! It was howling yet
again but it seemed like we could get some races in. Course was set, starting
positions drawn, boats on the line, the flag was up, and… a freaking EPIC
gust comes rolling through. It was impressive to say the least. Boats hiking
and bouncing around, sails making a ton of noise, and eyes bugged out behind
goggles all the way down the line. We decided to hold off at the last second-
Good call, it was out of hand. Everyone pulled pins and dropped the rigs on the
ice to save wear and tear on sails….

What a sight that was… Anyway the breeze never moderated and one or two
practice laps confirmed that things were too twitchy for racing. That said, it
was pretty exciting going downwind.

There was some minor damage to a boat or two but all bodies and souls made it in
safely. We didn’t get the regatta in (YET!) but it was a heck of a weekend and
a good time was had by all. Many thanks to everyone who showed up to race (esp
Bob Crinion and Art Samson from Nova Scotia), Henry Capostato for almost running
races and scoring, Eric Anderson and Eben Whitcomb for setting up the course,
and Dave Fortier for opening up his house and shop.

Keep checking the hotline, this season ain’t over yet! We are hoping to get the
Easterns and the New Englands in, and the Maine States are up for grabs too…


James “T” Thieler, NEIYA Race Chairman
DN US 5224
Newport, RI 02840

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