%#$*ing Snow and more Snow!

Snow, snow and more snow 2011 has been an ice challenge.   The Eskimos have 128 words for snow.  At this moment I have but one.  Go ahead and guess…

The DN North Americans were called earlier today.  Just nowhere to play.

Good news is all this snow is slowly compacting on top of what we know to be very solid black ice.

On the CT shoreline I scraped more than 1/4 of ice off my car this morning.  Driveway was all ice.  Love my studded snows.  But know some of us got pounded with more snow.

How did the rest of New England fair?  Ring in click comment below.

Safe traveling to all pilots returning home from the DN Worlds.

One response

  1. Doug Sharp

    All that dirty rotten white stuff turned grey sat.pm in S.E. Ma.
    There is 4″of slush on 12+”of base here.
    Pay off the weather god’s and check the hotline soon

    02/06/2011 at 5:20 pm