NEIYA club information.

 First, there are only 3 official methods that the club is going to use for mass communication with members. 

The first is the Hotline.  This will function the same as it always has.

The second is this website,  John Stanton is overall in control of the website.  The left half of the main page will contain announcements for upcoming events.  This will be updated as soon as locations and times for events are known. 

The third thing is the club newsletter, Black Ice.  The NEIYA secretary (ED) has overall control of this one.   Obviously this is for information that is not super time critical as it has much longer lead times.  The goal is about 3-5 issues per year.

 In the past the NEIYA used the yahoo groups to put out information, but we are going to stop doing this for several reasons. First, is to make the NEIYA hotline and website the focal point.  The second reason is that the yahoo group is not under NEIYA control, and the content is often inflammatory.      If we put out an official announcement for a location and or event, and you think it is the wrong call, feel free to call, or email myself or any of the board members. 

Sail Fast,

Eric Anderson Commodore NEIYA

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