1996 Eastern Region DN Championship

Eastern Lakes Regatta sailed on Button Bay March 2nd, 1996 in

beautiful weather when everyone else on the east coast was
getting a massive snow storm.

Ice condition: Snow ice fine pebbly surface smoothing through
out the day as the temperature rose.

Weather: Partly cloudy; Temp 27 – 35 F. winds 10-18 knots with
15 degree shifts

Course length: 1-1/2 Stature miles

Race Committee and commandant: Peter Hill (ran a good race –
try to figure that start!!!)

One of the best conditions this year. The race was sailed on
great ice with good weather and a perfect sunset over the
Adirondacks. The winds alternated between light air and heavier
air giving a good wide variety of conditions.

The race was topped off with a pizza fest at the Brush’s who
graciously opened their home to the competitors. Who would have
expected the topic to turn after passing the bottle of advil
(there were seven races run in less than 5 hours) to the
potential IDNIYRA adoption of the new materials proposal from the
North American fleet of IDNIYRA. What does it mean for next year
if the fleet won’t know the results of the IDNIYRA vote until
sometime between 12/15 and 1/1/97? Will sailors build fiberglass
spars anticipating adoption of the new regs on spec? There was no

Some sailors tried to sail Sunday, but with the intermittent
snow squalls and white outs by 2:00 everyone was off the ice and
on the road and happy to have sailed another day.

Results were as follows:

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