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Meanwhile back at the ranch…

The intrepid DN North American Championship competitors have remained in the same place for a couple of days and finally begun racing.  I will leave the recap to those who have stung their lungs on sub zero air and showered with hard sharp Champlain chips.  NEIYA members Eben and Eric began scouting locations for he NA’s two weeks ago.  Scouring bodies of water that straddle northern Vermont and Canada.  They again scouted the area ahead of the eastward bound ice-less hoard.

Our unsung heroes and MVP’s are the ice checkers.  They patiently watch as the edges begin to skim and smile when the morning light reveals fresh shore to shore black ice.  Setting out upon the plate they probe with ax and drill to determine thickness and strength.  Once a plate is confirmed to be sailable, word go out to the masses. Come out and play.

This is where we are now.   It has been bitterly cold for days, we have had snow a foot or so on the coast, ice is thickening as we speak and lakes and ponds are being eyed and checked.  The only thing left is COMMUNICATION.

Jeff Soderholm sent in a drive by picture of Lake Nippenicket in Bridgewater MA yesterday.  It and other plates are ready to be scouted.

The Nip 1-23-14

Who’s out looking?  Let us know.  Who’s scouted a local plate? Let us know.  Who wants to check a local plate but needs help (safety in numbers)?  Let us know so we can drum up help from the membership.  Let us know by commenting below or leaving a message on our ice hotline (508) 377-6100.  Please leave something to share with your fellow NEIYA members and ice enthusiasts.

Remember our membership directory is available in the Members login section tab at the top of the home page.  Forgotten the password?  Email me  It was given out at the annual meeting and published in the Black Ice newsletter.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and be safe when venturing onto new ice.

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

P.S. Remember there should still be world class racing going on in Platsburgh, NY tomorrow (Saturday 25th) for anyone that wants to watch.  Do check the IDNIYRA for up to date info before venturing north

2013 Annual Tune-up Clinic Canton, MA

Saturday, November 23rd
11:00 to 3:00pm
Arthur C. Lamb Co
85 Jackson St., Canton, MA 02021


It’s that time of year, once again.  Gather up your gear, roll up your sleeves and come down to the fourth annual Lamb Tune-up Clinic.

Returning once again for encore performances are Eric Anderson on grinder, Steve Lamb on alignment and of course Linda Lamb with an assortment of good eats and drinks for all.  Also a special appearance by John Eastman from Rockport, ME to set up his new runner grinder for the first time.   Yes, John is taking it on the road.

To help defray costs we will be charging a nominal per runner fee this year.  Fees are as follows:

  •  Free – Up to three (3) blades to new members joining for their first season
  • $5 per blade for members in good standing for the 2014 season
  • $10 per blade for non members

To help maintain order please sign up upon arrival at the shop and one set per person while others are still waiting.

If you have any interest in the sport of ice boating, this is a great place to learn more. Informal discussions on alignment safety, runner sharpening, racing, cruising, whatever, will be going on.  And there are no helmets, face masks or gloves to get in the way

Open to members and non members.  Bring a friend that might be interested in ice boating.

There will also be an Indoor swap meet, bring gear for sale.  Steve Duhamel of North Wind Ice boat will be there with lot’s of new and used stuff.  Contact Stevel to be sure he is bringing what you need


Take Rte.95 to exit 11A (Neponset St., Canton)
Follow up to light, take left onto Chapman St.
Travel less than 1/4 mile to top of hill look for signs (To Jackson St) Turn right and right again 180 degrees onto Jackson St., “Do not go over railroad bridge”
Lamb Co. will be on your left ( Beige block building)

See you there,

John Stanton
NEIYA Secretary

P.S. Questions leave a comment below or email

Annual Meeting October 26th – Only Hours Away


DATE: Saturday October 26th, 2013

PLACE: Same as last year Knights of Columbus Hall, 17 Willow Street, Westborough, MA 01581 (Map below)

TIME: Swap Meet 9:00 am with Luncheon at 11:30 and Annual Meeting to follow as usual

COST:   We will once again be taking reservations an payment online and strongly urge everyone to take advantage of the online process.  Annual membership $30 and $20 for lunch.   Please reserve your spot to the right.

SCHEDULE: The swap meet starts at 9 :00 am with lunch and meeting starting at 11:30 sharp. Most of us have too much ice boat stuff.  Look through your garage and basement, find ice boat gear you don’t need and bring it along.  Remember your old gear is something new to someone else and helps to get more people on the ice.

Get to the swap meet early.  Lunch and meeting will start promptly at 11:30. More on that from our Commodore  to follow very shortly.

Iced Digital Communications

John Stanton

Register for the Annual Meeting & Membership Today

It’s that time of year again.  Post Labor Day, Baseball playoffs, football is in full swing, it’s getting colder and of course the NEIYA annual meeting, Swap Meet and Luncheon.

It’s time to renew your membership and come to the annual meeting, swap meet and lunch.   We have streamlined the process just click on the appropriate button below.

Description Price
2014 Membership and Lunch $50
2014 Membership for one and Lunch for two $70
2014 Membership $30
Lunch Only $20

We urge you to signup for membership and lunch via the appropriate links above or at .  Of course, we will still accept mailed in applications and checks but please help us streamline this process.

Paper Membership Form or copy and past below URL

Annual Meeting Agenda

Saturday October 26th

Knights of Columbus Hall, 17 Willow Street, Westborough, MA 01581 Directions

9am to 11:30am–Swap Meet If you have anything to sell please list it in the classified section communicate with interested parties and bring it to the Swap Meet.  Listings are free for NEIYA members in good standing.

11:30am–Buffet lunch in the K of C hall, followed by the annual meeting. The hearty spread will appeal to all and we have been promised more Swedish meatballs.

Please register today our treasurer and the caterer will be much happier.

Looking forward to seeing everybody again and prepare for the upcoming season.

Think Ice!

John Stanton
NEIYA Communications

Swap Meet Countdown

With peak foliage spreading across all of our winter haunts, it’s time to dig through your old ice boat gear and find things to bring to the swap meet.

Help someone enter the sport or go faster than last season.  Remember your old worn out stuff is new to someone.

Only 22 days or two weekends till the swap meet.  Time to figure out what you need to get rid of today.

Post gear available at the Swap meet here. submit for sale item pictures via email here Pictures will be featured on the home page for all to see.

The Swap meet and annual meeting are in 21 days.

DATE: Saturday October 26th, 2013
PLACE: Same as last year Knights of Columbus Hall, 17 Willow Street, Westborough, MA 01581 Map

TIME: Swap Meet 9:00 am with Luncheon at 11:30 and Annual Meeting to follow as usual.

Congratulations Oracle Team USA!

Absolutely unbelievable comeback! The defenders have left their mark on sporting history.

Mandatory ice boat content: Won’t be long till we are sailing at 40knts and more again.

Think Ice
John Stanton
NEIYA Digital Communications


Hello All-

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Spring 2013 issue of RUNNER TRACKS is available for online viewing at

All kinds of interesting stuff in this issue- regatta reports, how-to articles, what it’s like to sail on Lake Baikal, and much more!

Great reading during the heat wave we are currently enduring! Hang in there folks, winter is coming soon….

Hope all are well and looking forward to seeing everyone at the fall meeting- Stay tuned and Think Ice!!


James “T” Thieler DN US 5224
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840



The song says there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues- especially if you are an ice addict!That said, I hope everyone is making it through this rainy season and keeping amused even though we are all stuck with soft-water activities for the time being.The clock is ticking down to first ice…. Six months or so to go…. Maybe the chilly spring is foreshadowing an early fall and an early freeze- Cross fingers….

Keep ticking those items off the iceboat to-do lists and be ready for the fall! Don’t delay getting your boat fixed up- easier now while it’s warm out!

Personally I’ve modified my tiller to (hopefully) break away in a crash plus some other little details… Built some cool little batten adjusters (don’t need to take mittens off to adjust batten tension with these) and there are still plenty of items left to take care of in order to hit the line fully prepped this fall. Starting to think about travel plans for the winter (Worlds, NA’s, all the regional and local stuff) and of course trying to spread the gospel to the uninitiated masses and grow the fleet a little.

If you are interested in hearing more about iceboating and/or joining the club keep an eye on this page, contact me at t_thieler, and plan on attending our annual fall meeting in (I think) November.

Hope all are well and having a good summer- take care, be safe and stay tuned.

Think Ice!

James “T” Thieler DN US 5224
Newport, RI


Hello All-Spring has sprung I think and iceboating might just be done for the season- Unless of course some of the truly hard-core have found a sailable ice cube still floating in Moosehead or up in Nova Scotia somewhere….

This being the case I thought I’d share some pics and stories from the model boat show at Woods Hole- all remotely iceboat-related…. Fun show, there were more ship models to gawk over than you can shake a stick at and a few racing in the pond as well- check it out when it comes back in 2015!

First of all NEIYA sailor Don Stearns was there with his giant model of the frigate United States- very impressive- his being dressed as the captain really set him apart! Great to see him and the boat. He suggests a Moosehead the Hard Way for next season….

Ed Thieler (father of yours truly and a veteran of several high-speed laps around South Watuppa Pond a few winters back) had a few of his Chesapeake Bay workboat models on display- NEIYA members Katie Bradford and Eben Whitcomb were enthralled!

Katie Bradford knows pretty much everyone in the world. You know the type…. One of her friends that she caught up with on Sunday just happens to be one of the main people in charge of building and maintaining the ALVIN submersible. His name is Bob and he rounded up our little group and took us on a quick tour of the boat- they are just finishing up a re-fit that includes a new titanium pressure sphere…. Very cool! Neat to see the robotic arms and all that up close- note the boxing glove on the far one in the pic. Note also that both arms are different- one is big and brutal and the other is smaller and has greater dexterity. And they are all able to be jettisoned in case they get tangled in a line or jammed on something. Guess they got the idea from studying lobsters all the time!

Then it was off to the machine shops where they build parts and gizmos in-house.

This shop would make even Jeff Kent and Steve Duhamel envious…. Lathes, presses, benders, milling machines, CNC milling machines, a big water-jet cutter, and to top it all off a 3D printing machine that makes molds and parts in 3 dimensions. I can’t even describe this thing. Too freaking cool.

Did you know they make their own special non-compressible foam floatation? They use good-ol’ WEST system epoxy mixed with a special uncompressible filler.

Even with all these resources they still outsource some stuff- some of the hull panels and / or the orange sail on the ALVIN were made by Guck Inc., of Bristol RI where NEIYA member Chad Atkins builds and repairs everything imaginable. Wonder if he was involved with these panels?

All in all a good way to spend a day- Enjoy the pics and I’ll look forward to seeingeveryone in the fall or maybe sooner

Think Ice!!

James “T” Thieler
DN US 5224
Newport, RI 02840

DN Trip To Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

While most of us (with a few notable exceptions) are packing up the iceboats and wiping the dust off our soft-water craft a few hearty souls are headed to Lake Baikal in Russia for the DN Pearl Cup.The American contingient includes sailors from Michigan, NJ, and of course that hotbed of DN activity, North Carolina.

This promises to be an adventure and you can follow along on the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club website- Check the site for updates- so far they’ve been pretty interesting and there should be more to come!

Go to and click on “DN Baikal Pearl Cup In Siberia” to see the reports as the come in-

Think Ice and wish them luck-

James “T” Thieler

Meanwhile in Nova Scotia….

We are a little late with this but Warren Nethercote sends this report on the Snelly Cup (a.k.a. the Nova Scotia Champs) a little while ago on Sherbrook Lake, NS…. Read on to see what our neighbors to the North are up to!

Seven DNs came to Sherbrooke Lake today, including Doug Gaudet from PEI. We still hadn’t sailed the Snelly Cup, so the Fleet Captains decided that today’s number of entries warranted sailing for the trophy. Special thanks go to Terry Hayward for taking time away from sailing his Isabella to be our race officer.

Winds were right down the axis of the lake so we sailed 2 laps of a 1 1/2 mile course. We started sailing on hard ice that gradually softened over the course of six races, but most people were able to use 3/16th inserts until the very last race when a few changed over to 1/4 inserts. The wind started at about 6 to 7 knots and built to 10-12 as the morning wore on, so that we had adequate power to overcome the softening ice. But wind strength varied across the course, so taking a flier could make you a hero or a fool!

Doug Gaudet showed impressive speed upwind and down in the first two races, and led the series until the penultimate race, but as the wind built he lost his upwind speed margin – although he was blistering fast downwind all day. Going downwind was a challenge. It was easy to forget how sticky the ice was: gybing to too deep an angle would lead to near immediate stalling of the sail and loss of speed. There were lots of place changes, upwind and down.

Bob Crinion won the championship in the end with consistency all day. Although Bob had but a single win, against two for Art and Doug, he was the only boat able to discard a third. But he was only a point ahead of Art Samson, and another one ahead of Doug Gaudet. Tyler Garland got the bad luck award of the day, first breaking a forestay, and then having the hound fitting fail on his mast.

We had our 6 races in by 1PM, and then retired to Howard Garland’s deck to bask in the sun and tell lies. This spring iceboating is wonderful!


DN 3786

DN New England Champs DONE!

Those that survived the Damariscotta bumps on Saturday or just didn’t know any better showed up for the New England Champs on Sunday.The same bumpy ice coupled with much more breeze saw conditions that were right on the edge of safety and sanity- As the breeze built some gear failed, some gear was on the way, and some sailors (your author included- my head and heart just weren’t in it that day) decided to err on the side of caution and sat out.

The remaining sailors (who were either more brave or more dumb than the rest of us- “There is such a fine line between stupid and clever” Nigel Tufnel once noted…) proceeded with care and were able to complete three races with no mishaps and the regatta is in the books!

Thanks as always to everyone who made it happen and to Oliver’s brother’s girlfriend for keeping score.

Revised Official Results

James “T” Thieler