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Update: 2016 DN Eastern Region Championships

The 2016 Eastern Region Championships could very well be held this weekend Feb. 13-14. This is a preliminary heads up to be ready to roll, With a final call to be made by Thursday Feb. 11 at 5pm, Most likely venue will be Inner Mallets Bay, Colchester, VT where the plate has been sailed by ranked sailors and reported to have about a 3/4 Mile course size available.

There was 1/2″ of light snow dropped last night and could see some more tonight and into tomorrow- The real issue we face at this point is going to be temperature. Please take this time to be very well prepared for arctic, single digit temps if you plan on attending (No skin showing!)  I am also seeking a few hearty souls to help with scoring and RC for this event, Please email me if you can help or are interested in helping or have any questions regarding this event. There is also the possibility of some scratch racing on Friday depending on a launch site and weather.
**Here are two Amendments to the original NOR posted below**

A1- Sail # does not need to match fuselage # or skippers registered IDNIYRA # but does need to be unique to each skippers sail (no duplicates on course)
-Skipper still needs to be a current member of IDNIYRA in good standing

A2- Only this forum and website will be used for notice and updates of this event


Chad Atkins  – ERC
401 787 4567

P.S. Editors note, RC and scorers get the best seat in the house as well as being on hand to rec sail what looks to be a great plate of ice.

All Kidding Aside – You are Responsible for Yourself


Thanks to the Onion for its timely satirical viewpoint



January 20, 2014
Report: Lake Ice Grows Safer To Venture Out On With Each Beer Consumed

—According to a report released Monday by researchers at the University of Minnesota, the layer of ice atop frozen lakes grows incrementally thicker and safer to venture out onto with each beer that an individual consumes. “While the surface ice covering a lake may pose a very real hazard of collapsing under the weight of a sober subject, we discovered that this same ice becomes progressively more sturdy with each 12-ounce can of beer that a subject puts back,” said lead researcher Robert Piper, noting that the ice sheets atop lakes, as well as large ponds and certain rivers, could be rendered virtually impervious to cracking beneath a fully grown man provided he has consumed four or more tallboys, regardless of temperature or weather conditions. “Our data clearly show that by collectively finishing a 24-pack of Keystone, Budweiser, or similar American-style lager, ice becomes so safe and stable that a whole group of buddies can walk out onto the lake as far as they want. In fact, you can go ahead and drive a fully loaded truck right on out there, no problem, as long as you and the boys drain a pony keg and the last of the Jack.” Piper went on to confirm that, even in the highly improbable event that someone who has drunk a sufficient number of beers does happen to fall through the ice, the consumption of such beverages simultaneously heats the frigid subsurface lake water to a temperature at which one can be fully immersed for minutes at a time without any risk of hypothermia.

All kidding aside, we are constantly reminded that the “firm” surface we stand on, walk, skate, bike, sail and sometimes park on is never completely safe. We all know this, enough said but do remember safety in numbers can be a myth as seen on Lake Geneva this weekend.

Cold is returning this week let’s hope that white stuff holds to a minimum. We are coming into the last of February don’t give up hope there is still plenty of Rec and Racing R&R to left in the 2016 Season.

See you on the ice,


P.S. Keep reading and reporting on the Ice Report emails. There are people looking to sail not just on the weekends. If your going out let the group know and bring more sailors out.

All Roads Lead to Moosehead

Ladies and gents:

What can I say but it is looking like the only know sailable ice is on Moosehead, Rockwood Maine launching from the Birches.

As you have read before its a great venue that is very ice boat friendly.

for further information check our our friends at the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club They have the latest info on this gem.

Who would have thought, Moosehead with nearly any snow?

Warren Nethercote reported on some Canadian prospects Lake Colonel By in Kingston Ontario Contact is John Curtis, available in IDNIYA yearbook.  We are hoping to sail Mushamush again tomorrow in Nova Scotia. With a name like Mushamush I it needs to be on everyone’s must sail ice list.

Sorry there isn’t anything more central but it has been a challenge for sure.

Keep Thinking Ice we will get out again soon.


P.S. If I missed something please jump in on here.
P.P.S. Next week has got to be the week for us. I have been actively petitioning to move Valentines Day to October along side Halloween. Not sure its law yet.

A video reminder why patience is so important

It’s all about the rewards. While we wait to see what this warm and wet spell leaves us, Scott Valentine sent over a video to share with everyone.

Lay back on the couch with your chin to your chest, cast the video to your TV and turn up the sound. Sorry the best you can do for the moment.
Melvin Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

Watch the Ice Reports and contribute if you find anything. There is bound to be some good news and be careful if your checking or sailing. Conditions could be tricky.

Think Ice,


New Hampshire the Place to be this Past Weekend

De-rigging under last light over Mt Sunapee.

De-rigging under last light over Mt Sunapee.

Thanks to the devoted ice checkers who drilled and poked to confirm conditions. They walked, skated and sailed. Confirming sailability and sharing what they found so that others could come out and play.

With hoards of ice fisherman descending on Quabaug for a tournament, this was not an option. Can you say swiss cheese? Blades descended upon New Hampshire, splitting the fleet into three (maybe four Paul D?) pieces.

Sunapee had a good collection of recreational and racers. When I arrived about 9:30 Kate was already out blasting around and motivating us all to rig quick and join in.

Oliver “The Race Guy” called for scratch racing Saturday and so we did. Wind was a bit of a challenge early on with light to nothing and shifty but built up over the day.  Seen on the line were the usual assortment of full CSI crafts along with aluminum and wood masts on plate runners and everything in between. Everyone found someone to compete against and fun was had by all. More importantly everyone on the ice Saturday had a great time!

I know people sailed Leavitts Beach Melvin Village on Winnipausaki and the rumors were they had a great time. Sorry no first hand information was communicated back for publication. Let’s hear from you. A few words and a picture or two is all you need.

Bill Buchholz ( is calling for sailing tomorrow, Tuesday, up on Moosehead. Let’s see were we are after the thaw and rain. There is ice and we will sail.

Think Ice!


P.S. Welcome home to our NEIYA Gold Cup and European Championship competitors.


Day 2 Euro Championship – and Even More…


Hey Folks-

Yesterday I used up all of my quaint country expressions for big breeze (blowing dogs off chains etc….). So today I’ll just say it’s blowing even harder…. Gusting to almost fifty good old fashioned US miles per hour!

Obviously no racing but went down to the launch site to check boats and re-set ice screws. All well, no boats blown away or anything but if you weren’t wearing spikes or cleats you couldn’t walk upwind and would probably go faster than you wanted downwind! It was quite a site….

Off to play tourist-Hoping to race tomorrow- Stay tuned…..


Day 1 Euro Championship – Too Much of a Good Thing

Thanks to Patrik Stenberg and the DN Sweden Facebook page for publishing the video. Original post

Hello All-

Day One of DN Euro champs was scrubbed due to dogs being blown off chains and snakes being blown out of the grass. Small children and patio furniture flying down the streets…. Well that’s a stretch but you get the idea- it’s howling!

Will see what the next few days have in store- Hopefully the weather will settle and we can sail tomorrow onward but who knows…. Stay tuned to this site and DN Europe sites for news.

Good time being had by all here; Hope weather is cooperating back home!

Think Ice! T