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Cool Video Footage From 2015 Easterns / New Englands

As we head into spring it might be that we have a lot of armchair sailing ahead…. Has to happen sooner or later. Here are three videos to get into the rotation! Thanks to Joe Meade for the camera and Jeff Kent for what Oliver Moore calls the “Stern Mounted Narcissism Pole.” Happy viewing! T

Peter Van Rossem tearing it up with stern-mounted camera in light to medium breeze at New Englands; watch for the big pass at about 5:45!

T. Thieler with stern mounted camera, same day; watch for the pass at 8:15- the red boat is skippered by Paul Tropea, who was pushing his vintage boat to the max! Hope to see more of him next year- I think he lives in Argentina for half of the year, wonder if he will be training down there all summer….

Joe Meade with bow-mounted camera during the big breeze at the Eastern champs- check the mast bend at about 3:30! Must be a CSI rig to survive that….

It really was a terrific weekend of sailing- thanks to all who turned up and made it happen- more to come….

Stay tuned! T

James “T” Thieler
12 Channing St.
Newport, RI 02840

401 258 6230




The place:  Sebago Lake.

The Date:  Last Saturday.

The Event:  The Doc Fellows Regatta.

Now imagine how cool that would sound if Howard Cosell said it!

The Doc was pretty cool this year-  light breeze in the morning, faded to nothing mid-day for awhile, built nicely in the afternoon-  Was nice to have a break to nap and/or socialize on the ice for awhile-

Ice was good in AM and softened as the sun rose and temps went up-

Harry Richardson and Eben Whitcomb had close racing-  seemed like they match raced pretty much every lap-  Harry pipped Eben to take third.

Chad Atkins and your author had a bit of match race going as well-  Chad spent the light air part of the day going around the course and staying in the zone and it paid off after the breeze filled back in-  heading into the last race, winner-take-all finale’ he was able to get his nose out front and extend around the course for a convincing win.  He gets style points for doing it in his new boat, home built last fall-  if you see this craft you will be impressed!

I think he was using full-length, 100 degree runners which stayed on top of the soft ice better than my short 100’s.  Maybe I should have tried my full length 90 degree runners or even 90 degree max inserts-  those work well in soft ice sometimes.  Chad said the extra length no doubt was a little painful in tacks and gybes but it certainly didn’t hurt when he was going in a straight line!  We both used Kent (CSI) 4.1 rigs and Chad had a North F-01 sail while I had a 1D Power Gold.  Wish I could say what the difference is but to my eye they look pretty darn similar….  Anyway he sailed well and gets his name on a very cool-looking trophy!

We had a few older boats out racing-  John Hayes and Richard Gluckman had a little battle of their own going on as well-  Brett Reis, Ramblin’ Roger and a few other sailors also had a good day cruising the lake-

Following an awesome fireworks display at the launch ramp dinner was at the Run Of The Mill on the Saco River.  22 oz prime rib.  Rare.  Phenomenal.  Yeah, I slept like a rock that night-  thanks to Dave Fortier for letting us all crash at his house and also for keeping score!  And thanks to Kelly Klicker for the wrap-around photo of the launch area-

All in all a good day!  This season is far from over-  the ice is thick and the snow is melting-  reports from up north sounding good-  We are still hoping to get the Easterns, New Englands and Canadian champs in the books-  Stay tuned to this site and don’t mothball your gear yet!

Scores, as best as we can tell…


Chad “Chazzz” Atkins  US 4487             1  (S)  2  1  1     5

James  “Irving” Thieler    US 5224         (S) 1  1  2  2      6

Harry “Divider” Richardson    US 5148    2  2  3  3  (3)    10

Eben “Nice Guy” Whitcomb   US 4775    3  3  4  4  (4)     14

Dave “WHO?!?” Fortier    US 4690          4,  5,  S  S  S

John “Authority Figure” Stanton US 5023 6, 6, ?????

John Hayes and Richard Gluckman had some good racing here but the scores get a bit fuzzy at this point-  sorry guys, we will try to do better next time and will work on some nick-names for you both!


Think Ice!   T

The only and bestest to be found

Ice reports followers, no doubt, have been following the exploits from Lake Wentworth in NH.  Seems its the only game in town or throughout the region.

Paul along with two other locals sailed for a good part of the day.  Conditions don’t sound great but they were out there and I was staring at a computer screen all day. Who do you think had a better time regardless of conditions?

Paul’s assessment of the day:

“Still grade 5. Shell Ice about the same but the skim ice has firmed up solid. Still some funny (since I wasn’t wound up when I encountered it) hazards to be found. The one I am referring to was shell ice dropping abruptly into plank deep slush. Quick stop but plank intact. Gonna try tomorrow A.M. but forecast rain to snow on Saturday

Paul, thanks for venturing out and bring back your report.

Am I on the road and typing at the same time or loading my gear? No, think I will wait for things to smooth out just a bit. Info on Wentworth is posted below.

Let’s see what the next rain and thaw cycle brings.  Winnipesaukee, Somewhere in Maine perhaps?

Stay tuned there will be more sailing,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore


The Thaw, Freeze and Sail…

We all knew it would happen, though this snow has been a bit discouraging.  There has been chatter of snow melting to slush all over the Northeast.  The time is near.  But don’t jump too quickly. Safety is paramount. Use caution and patience.

Paul Delnero in NH sailed Lake Wentworth today and reported into the NEIYA ice reports email group.  No doubt most of you have already read it and are thinking of putting Wentworth in your plans for the Weekend. The lake has not been thoroughly scouted yet and is not ready for the masses.

However there will be a scouting party out tomorrow morning sometime after 10.  If your around Join in and help scout.  There are risks and this is not an endorsement of conditions just passing on some info

There will be an update tomorrow evening.

Sail Safe, Sail Fast and have fun,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore





Long Island (NY) is in the House

Just in from John Ziermann from the LRIBYC Much thanks…



SAT. FEBRUARY 28, 2015

Due to the great demand, there will be two
sites for the Long Island Championships.

DN Regatta:

         MECOX BAY, SOUTHAMPTON NY (see attached map)

    Skippers Meeting:
         9:30 AM (due to diminishing wind speeds)

    Entry Fee:
          Entry fee: $10 for LRIBYC members and $15 for non members.
          (Please exact change or check.. Thank you)


J-14 Regatta:

         LAKE RONKONKOMA, RONKONKOMA NY (see attached map)

    Skippers Meeting:
         9:30 AM (due to diminishing wind speeds)

    Entry Fee:
          Entry fee: $10 for LRIBYC members and $15 for non members.
          (Please exact change or check.. Thank you)


John Ziermann DN-5426/Treasurer


Just got off the phone with Dave Clapp.

He reports that while there is still sailing down on Barnegat bay as reported earlier most sailors will be on Toms River. Which is about an hour closer for us New Englanders.

Launch info

Island Heights, NJ
rt 37 e To Central ave
Go toward water and left
There will be several launch areas



No changes for

The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club

Address: 26 Union Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone:(732) 747-5665

The antique Stern Steerers will be sailing and racing on the Navesink in Red Bank this Weekend. The Rocket and the Jack Frost. If you have not seen either of these sailing pieces of history you should make a day of it. Sail amongst our rich history. I sailed on the same plate as both the Jack Frost and Rocket last year and it was a wonderful experience looking over at the graceful historic beasts gliding on the Hudson .

Still waiting on Long Island Info will update on when we know.


Salty Sailing – This Weekend 2/28…

Jonathan_Nimerfroh+(104+of+6)[1]Slurpee waves on Nantucket by Jonathan Nimerfroh of JDN Photography.
More nearly frozen waves.  Anyone thinking about making Slurpee Runners?



We all know the story. We watched it pile up, shoveled it, plowed it, scraped it and cursed at it. But bitching and moaning is’nt going to make it go away and expose the solid ice below. The only thing this will is spining miles beneith your wheels.

The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club

Address: 26 Union Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone:(732) 747-5665

The antique Stern Steerers will be sailing and racing on the Navesink in Red Bank this Weekend. The Rocket and the Jack Frost. If you have not seen either of these sailing pieces of history you should make a day of it. Sail amongst our rich history. I sailed on the same plate as both the Jack Frost and Rocket last year and it was a wonderful experience looking over at the graceful historic beasts gliding on the Hudson .


Further down the shore on Barnegat Bay in BAyville, NJ. Launching from Berkeley Island County Park on Barnegat Bay
There are promises of bubble boats and other Skeeter and what we are told a nice piece of ice.


Our Long Island (NY) friends have been sailing all week with some mixed reviews and experiences. Recaps have been floating about earlier this week. Brief recap, all should be suspect and salt even more so.

That said scouting attempts are being made this morning to find a suitable venue for the Long Island Championships and recreational sailing. Currently in contention are Lake Ronkonkoma and a couple bays further east. I will post a comment on this post when word comes out.

That is all I know about could there be something along the shore somewhere else? Maybe?

Now for roll call. Who is going where? Comment below.

Sail Safe, Sail Fast…

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

P.S. I will likely hit Long Island tomorrow.

P.P.S. Give T a big shout out as he makes his way to the DN Euro Championships. Good luck T sail fast and bring your New England Style across the line.

Ice Wisdom to Live By…

As we await news of Zamboni action, here is something to think about.

DO NOT BE THE FFF GUY. DO NOT be that guy!!!

What is FFF? Well it is not a racing term; it should be avoided by all.  It relates to new ice, and it has three parts:

1. Do not be FIRST– Yes someone has to be first to sail the new area, but do not do it alone. Sail the
new ice with a buddy (remember never sail alone) scouting together. At least insure there is another boat ready to go, rapid transit to come help you if need be, and someone is watching you out there.

2. Do not be FAST– Being fast comes later, sail new areas in slow scouting mode, up in the boat scanning the ice horizon. Watch the tell tales later, slow cross sail, expanding the area scouted.

3. Do not go FAR– Do not sail off into the distance, to the other side of the lake. Long commute to come help you if you are the first to find the holes. See # 2 again. High Risk if you rush off alone, in fast mode, off into the distance, being the first to sail the new area.

The three together spell trouble.

DO NOT be that guy!

Yours truly

Old Frosty

(Old Frosty is not a real person, but a combination of old thinkers, grumpy old and young men and the usual suspects seen on and about the ice)

P.S. In other words let’s be safe so we can all enjoy some fun together.

Can’t sail? At Least Look Like You Do

Greetings all. No I have not discovered a secret plate of black ice. A Shangri-la with miles of mirror smooth ice just over the horizon may still be out there but think not.  This does not mean that our Cruising Chair Bill Buchholz will not come up with something new and interesting so keep an eye toward the horizon.  We never know what might be coming into view.  And yes, there are races to be run as well…

After more than enough difficulties, you don’t even want to know, the first batch of NEIYA club gear is available.

Below are check out buttons to order via PayPal. Note there limited quantities so order fast. Depending upon where the orders need to go I may ship to a central location and individuals can pick up.

Keep the faith. This season is not done yet.

Sail Fast, Sail Safe,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

P. S. From time to time I will send out custom order forms so you can include name and or sail # on gear.

Product Size Inventory Price
Columbia Men’s Cathedral Peak Fleece Vest XL 2 $48
Columbia Men’s Cathedral Peak Fleece Vest L 5 $48
Columbia Men’s Cathedral Peak Fleece Vest M 2 $48
Columbia Men’s Cathedral Peak Fleece Vest S 2 $48
Champion Performance Fleece Arctic Beanie NA 11 $31


Weekend Opportunities Feb 6h

We all know what it looks like outside.  Snow snow snow.  As New Englanders we know about changing conditions and this is to our advantage.

Who’s not sharing?  If your not getting NEIYA ice reports via email please let me know ( and I will add you to the live info as it comes in.

Here is what I know.

A Cape spotting contingent led by Rick Bishop and assisted by Dan Secor and Neal Fowler  scouted Long Pond in Harwich/Brewster MA. Thanks guys you may have found the only sailable ice!

They are reporting favorable conditions for Friday and through the weekend weather and other conditions dependent of course.

Launch: Long Pond South shore has large clear parking area Long Pond Rd off of RT #6

There will be a good congregation for sure so come on down…

NOTE: That’s the Cape NOT Lakeville MA Long Pond.

Dave Fortier is as we speak checking on new black ice on Sebago, that’s Maine for outside viewers.  Sub zero temperatures last night have locked things up just need confirmation. If favorable reports come back there is a good chance of some racing.  Stay tuned on this and have your gear ready to roll.

Stay tuned on here, watch your emails for NEIYA Ice Reports mail and keep an eye on the Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club site for Maine updates.

Thanks to all the people who have been dropping hints, rumors and inuendos about ice.  I know there must be some more coastal venues out there.

Sail Safe and Sail Fast,

NEIYA Vice Commodore

Whether oh Weather its all about the Weather or Not…

Weather or not…

Or should I say just more of what we know to be the reality of New England and ice boating in general.  Reports have been pouring in about newly sailed ice in NH on Sunapee as well as Winnipesaukee.  Winni was checked as a DN Gold Cup site but it was not to happen this time around.

Conditions have remained either stable or improved on most of the places people were sailing in CT and MA.

Question is how much crap will fall from the sky tonight and into tomorrow and how far north the front’s edge will go.  If your local you know what the weather is doing if not reach out to someone who is before driving.  Club contact info is in the members tab at the top.  If you have forgotten your password just drop me an email

Check out the CIBC’s site for local ice they are scheduled to hold the Commodores Cup on Chickawaukie Pond in Rockland ME.  It’s on the coast so again weather is coming.

Looking at the maps Winni and Sunapee may be spared.

– Lake Sunapee State Beach in Newbury NH
– Lake Winnipesaukee, Brewster beach in Wolfeboro NH

Remember i’m relaying what I learn from the neiyaicereports group (send mail to rumors and such.  There is more out there lets get reports in next week after this weather event clears on by.

Good luck to our Gold Cub contenders up in Kingston ON.  Sail fast boys and bring home some silver!

Sail fast, sail heads up, sail safe and watch out for hazards,

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

Blown Out….

So it goes…. Bitter cold yesterday, excessively high winds today for the DN EASTERNS….

Big bummer as we had a good group of enthusiastic sailors on hand. Alas it was not to be.

On to The Big Show- Scouting a site is key- If you see a big plate of ice call it in!

Think Ice, T

James “T” Thieler12 Channing St.
Newport, RI. 02840

401 258 6230