Open Wheel Wednesday Postponed Till Thursday 7/2

Just like ice boating, race cars are subject to the weather. See you there Tomorrow.

Race Postponed till Thursday July 2


It was great to see The Rocket stern-steerer at the Mystic boat show- congrats to Nels Lybeck for getting her there- she made quite an impression!

In other news the Indy 500 has come and gone for the year and it ain’t ice season yet so that means it’s time for Open Wheel Wednesday at the Seekonk Speedway!

Yes, July 1 (this Wednesday) is Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway- I’ve gone a few times and it’s a blast! Put it on your calendar!

Fast cars. Loud noise. Close racing. Crashes. Food. Beer. And that’s just on the drive to the track. The racing is REALLY cool! And all pretty cheap- Great way to get away from boats and water for a night and indulge your inner motorhead. Would be great to see a bunch of NEIYA people there!

More info on the Seekonk Speedway site- call me if you want to carpool from Newport-

Did I mention it’s loud? It is… Ear plugs aren’t a bad idea- See you all there!

James “T” Thieler

Big Ice in June – Wooden Boat Show ON NOW!


The Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport starts today and runs through the weekend (6/26-28). If you have attended before, I don’t have to tell you why you need to go back.

Besides the usual beautiful new and old finely crafted vessels the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club have brought their fully restored classic stern steerer Rocket (all 50 feet of her) to the Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport. John Sperr of the Hudson River Ice Yacht Club put together a great page detailing some of Rocket’s restoration and shake down cruise on the Hudson in 2014.  She will be on display in the “I Built it Myself” area and easily stick out from and dwarf the smaller home built crafts.

She was last seen on ice during her maiden sail on the Hudson in 2014 and again this past season on home ice. If you missed either of these opportunities you must come. As we all know, ice can be fickle and a craft her size requires big and thick ice, so this weekend is your best opportunity for a sure viewing. Hope to see you there.

Summer and fall will burn hot for a few months but as always THINK ICE!

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore


Hey Gang-

July 1 is Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway- I’ve gone a few times and it’s a blast- Put it on your calendar! Would be great to see a bunch of NEIYA’ers there- Duhamel and Converse have been going for years and when they finally dragged me up there I was hooked….

Fast cars. Loud noise. Close racing. Screaming and yelling. Crashes. Food. Beer. And that’s just on the drive to the track. The racing is REALLY cool!

Great way to get away from boats and work for a night and indulge your inner motorhead. If anyone wants to carpool from RI let me know!

More info on the Seekonk Speedway site-

James “T” Thieler

Old Boats, New Rudders….

I forgot to mention that both of these 12 Meters are equipped with rudders, spinnaker poles and spreaders from a company in Hingham, MA called Composite Solutions Inc. It’s run by a guy named Jeff Kent who has sailed iceboats a little over the years….. Maybe more than a little- He actually won the DN Gold Cup in 1993 and has been at the bleeding edge of DN development ever since.

CSI has built all kinds of stuff for hot race boats- including keel wings for the IACC boat AmericaOne and the boom that Alinghi used to win the America’s Cup final a few matches back. The rudders and daggerboards for PUMA in the last Volvo Ocean Race came out of this shop as well as a range of carbon keel fins, bow sprits, daggerboard cases, and a ton of other parts. If you’d made it to the last open house there you’d have seen a pair of 18 foot long daggerboards taking shape. Make a point of getting to the next one, who knows what you’ll see!

In addition to all that Jeff makes some of the best DN hulls, spars, planks, and runner bodies you’ll ever lay eyes on. If you need something made of carbon give him a shout!

Think Ice, T

Where Boats Go….

Hey Folks- Saw some cool boats from back in the day at the Hinckley Shipyard in RI the other day- Thought I’d share….

Old race boats end up in a lot of places, often rotting away in the far corner of the boatyard but these are mostly still active-

First photo is Il Moro di Venezia and America3, the two America’s Cup finalists from 1992. They’ve been getting shuffled around the yard for years, not sure why as they don’t sail any more.

The next is KZ-5, New Zealand’s first 12 Meter from the 1987 America’s Cup. Still raced today- This was the first glass 12, it caused a big stir. Dennis Conner accused the Kiwis of cheating…. This was one of their two early boats, they sailed a development of this one in the trials, went undefeated except for one loss, and then Conner on Stars and Stripes handed their ass to them in the challenger final.

The blue one is Victory ’83, twelve meter from the ’80 and ’83 Cup. Beat Australia II at least once but never made the final. Still racing, very well developed and maintained.

Lastly the big red Kialoa- One of several IOR maxi yachts (yes, I said “several IOR maxi yachts”) built for Jim Kilroy during the ’60’s, ’70’s, and ’80’s. I think this is number five, big aluminum beast, I think they raced with almost thirty crew. Wild.

Hope all are enjoying the summer and thinking ice… T

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UK Stern Steerers!

Greetings Gang-

Hope y’all get a kick out of these- Oliver Moore’s father found them across The Pond at The Museum Of The Broads in Stalham, UK.

We can’t say what kind of broads he was looking to learn about but it looks like he stumbled on the kind that freeze in the winter. The next joke writes itself…..

Anyway enjoy the photos! Think Ice! T

More Video From Euroean Champs

Hey Folks- Here is a well done video from the Austrian gang who attended the European Champs last winter- Something to get you fired up for the (rapidly) approaching season!

Think Ice! T

James “T” Thieler

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What’s Everyone Up To?

Hey Folks-

I hope all the stuff on the site has been at least a little interesting….  We are trying to keep it fresh as the summer drags on!

There is plenty of room on this site for all kinds of content so if you have something you’d like to share with the gang email it to me at and I’ll be happy to post it. 

Thoughts, articles, build updates, photos (incriminating or otherwise) or whatever else are welcome.  As long as it is even remotely connected to iceboating all content is fair game!

I know everyone out there is up to some interesting stuff so let’s hear about it! 

As John Stanton mentioned earlier he could also use a hand with the site itself-  if you have the time, expertise, inclination (or any combination thereof) give him a shout-

Think Ice….

James “T” Thieler   DN US 5224

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Visions of Hard Water While We Wait…

As we all know the internet is loaded with overly cute cat and endless dog videos. The vast majority of which I would never share, pass on nor post to our club’s site. This one however has merit and contains all the elements of ice boating. vast ice, a vehicle bounding down the ice and people enjoying a sunny winter’s day.

Enjoy some winter fun during the first part of June.

John Stanton
NEIYA Vice Commodore

P.S. If anyone has desires or aspirations to help with the NEIYA’s website please reach out to me. No experience required and as some members will attest i’m a good teacher of technology. Email to discuss

CLOSE Volvo Ocean Race Finish

This is really cool-

The Volvo Ocean Race fleet left Newport (see posts from a few weeks ago) and raced across the Atlantic to Lisbon, Portugal in about 9 1/2 days- The whole fleet finished within a few hours (pretty impressive) but for ALVIMEDICA and DONGFENG it was a boat-for-boat match race up the river for third place- very cool to watch and proof that it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

Click the link and fast forward to about 1:22:00 where the fun starts- there is a pivotal moment at around 1:27:00 and the big finish is at about 1:36:00

Think Ice…. T


Hey Gang-

An intrepid and talented videographer named Rejean Lemay stumbled onto the racing at the Gold Cup last season in Kingston- How this happened is beyond me but he put together a GREAT video of the event-

It’s in HD, so put it up on the big screen, crank the sound and either re-live the memory of an awesome event or see what you missed….

Many Thanks Rejean!



James “T” Thieler
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