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A video reminder why patience is so important

It’s all about the rewards. While we wait to see what this warm and wet spell leaves us, Scott Valentine sent over a video to share with everyone.

Lay back on the couch with your chin to your chest, cast the video to your TV and turn up the sound. Sorry the best you can do for the moment.
Melvin Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

Watch the Ice Reports and contribute if you find anything. There is bound to be some good news and be careful if your checking or sailing. Conditions could be tricky.

Think Ice,


Really? Really??? REALLY?!?!?!!?!??!?

Who knows what will be left after this mess clears itself out. Not looking good for any regattas this weekend but we would still like to get in a round of scratch racing and practice if possible. So if anyone sails or scouts anything Thursday or Friday please let us know.

In the mean time:

Make sure to turn on the subtitles.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA’s “I wish we could hold a regatta” Chair

New Hampshire the Place to be this Past Weekend

De-rigging under last light over Mt Sunapee.

De-rigging under last light over Mt Sunapee.

Thanks to the devoted ice checkers who drilled and poked to confirm conditions. They walked, skated and sailed. Confirming sailability and sharing what they found so that others could come out and play.

With hoards of ice fisherman descending on Quabaug for a tournament, this was not an option. Can you say swiss cheese? Blades descended upon New Hampshire, splitting the fleet into three (maybe four Paul D?) pieces.

Sunapee had a good collection of recreational and racers. When I arrived about 9:30 Kate was already out blasting around and motivating us all to rig quick and join in.

Oliver “The Race Guy” called for scratch racing Saturday and so we did. Wind was a bit of a challenge early on with light to nothing and shifty but built up over the day.  Seen on the line were the usual assortment of full CSI crafts along with aluminum and wood masts on plate runners and everything in between. Everyone found someone to compete against and fun was had by all. More importantly everyone on the ice Saturday had a great time!

I know people sailed Leavitts Beach Melvin Village on Winnipausaki and the rumors were they had a great time. Sorry no first hand information was communicated back for publication. Let’s hear from you. A few words and a picture or two is all you need.

Bill Buchholz ( is calling for sailing tomorrow, Tuesday, up on Moosehead. Let’s see were we are after the thaw and rain. There is ice and we will sail.

Think Ice!


P.S. Welcome home to our NEIYA Gold Cup and European Championship competitors.


Getting on the Road for Home


Blazing Ecstasy!


Hey Folks:

The weary and soggy but upbeat American squad hoofed it back to Germany last night.

Sailing and packing the trailer in the rain means that everything we have is soaked and covered with beach sand. So today is given to hanging sails, drying clothes, washing sand off everything…. All the glamour stuff.

You can see in the photos the hanging sails, piles of gear, and various tasks being completed.

What the pics don’t convey is the stereo blasting Bruce Springsteen and the aroma of fermenting laundry and speed suits….

You probably can see that our host, Mr Torsten Siems, has a shop we can all be envious of! Many thanks to him for letting us have the run of the place.

Anyway as all ice boaters know you have to do the agony of the shop to enjoy the ecstasy of blazing across the ice…. See the photos!

Hope all well in NE and hope everyone is gearing up for the NA champs!

Think Ice…. T

2016 DN European Championships – Completed

Great day on the ice-  warm, big breeze, awesome sailing….

I don’t have time to write a lengthy missive hit the new European Champion is Michigan’s own Ron Sherry!   He was on fire today-  well done Ron!!

Almost forget Eben finished top ten in silver – Eben accepts his trophy in a blur.

Check DN Euro site for results!

Also check out some really great Gold Cup pictures taken by Neue Galerien – The site uses Flash so your phone will most likely have difficulty. Try on desk or laptop, you won’t be disappointed.


Not So Much


No New England Champs this weekend.

Informal scratch racing on Lake Sunapee on Saturday and maybe Sunday.

There just isn’t anything good enough that has been checked for me to call a regatta on. Lake Sunapee has 7 inches of kind of bumpy ice. The large part of the lake was sailed today and of the options available to us I think it is the best. So what I propose is we meet on Lake Sunapee for some practice and informal scratch racing on Saturday. There is still some scouting to be done and I am not promising anything but I think we should be able to get some good sailing in.

Launching is best out of the State park. Click the map below for more details:


The forecast is for 5 knots of breeze both days but above freezing temps. Warmer on Sunday.



I don’t know anything about the launch at Melvin Bay. Leavitts was sailed today and has 3-4″ of good black ice but has significant holes. So be very careful.

Squam lake is also sailable. It was sailed yesterday and has a mix of black ice and wet snow drifts. I forget where the Squam Launch is.

There is also ice up north of Burlington but none of it has been scouted. If you find something good up there please let us know. I think the inland sea or Mallet’s bay might be in the cards next weekend.

This is some weird weather we are having. It is going to be warm this weekend so please be extremely careful if you sail this weekend. This is like spring sailing where people can get hurt because the conditions change quickly.

Be safe. Have fun and let us know how it goes.

Oliver Moore
NEIYA “Regatta” Chair

Day 2 Euro Championship – and Even More…


Hey Folks-

Yesterday I used up all of my quaint country expressions for big breeze (blowing dogs off chains etc….). So today I’ll just say it’s blowing even harder…. Gusting to almost fifty good old fashioned US miles per hour!

Obviously no racing but went down to the launch site to check boats and re-set ice screws. All well, no boats blown away or anything but if you weren’t wearing spikes or cleats you couldn’t walk upwind and would probably go faster than you wanted downwind! It was quite a site….

Off to play tourist-Hoping to race tomorrow- Stay tuned…..


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